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  Infrared 495 Diode Spotlight Emitter, Model: EX-PS9  

Infrared 495 Diode Spotlight Emitter - Back PanelThe EX-PS9 Emitter/Repeater is deserving of its nickname, “Texas Giant”. Featuring 495, eighty degree high power diodes, this emitter produces a broad, deep pattern well suited to large auditoriums, stadiums, coliseums, and out-of-door venues in theme parks and other public facilities. Mounted at a height of 20’ to 50’, the coverage pattern resembles a top, with an area up to 12,000 square feet. Using theAudex® COC circuit, this unit emits with 92% efficiency, insuring maximum coverage for all applications. The circuit adjusts diode drive levels due to varying ambient temperatures. This feature, coupled with the overall light producing capabilities, and the efficiency of the REC-T3 neckloop receiver, allowsAudex® to offer effective infrared performance even out of doors in daylight. This means multiple areas in a park, auditorium, or convention center can use one frequency and therefore one set of receivers carried from venue to venue by the hearing impaired patron. The size and power of the PS9 makes cost/sq. ft. very reasonable.

Infrared 495 Diode Spotlight Emitter - Front ViewIn addition to its impressive light generating capabilities, the EX-PS9 offers flexibility not found in other brands of infrared. If AC power is not available at the emitter location, this unit can receive both signal and power through its three “Expansion Input” jacks. Three, three-conductor speaker wires originating at a EX-B-3 base, or Ex-BEX-6 Expansion, located in the control room, can provide this arrangement, totally eliminating the need for an AC outlet at the emitter. This makes retrofitting facilities easier and less costly.


Infrared 495 Diode Spotlight Emitter - Coverage PatternIf AC power is located within 20’ of the emitter, signal only can be carried to the first “Expansion Input” jack. Power must be supplied locally at all three “24V Expansion Input” jacks, or, if power is brought to the first input, power must be supplied only to the second and third inputs. The “Expansion Output” jacks can send signal, or signal and power to three other EX series emitters, making the daisy-chaining possibilities endlessly flexible. 

With these features, no other brand of infrared emitter can offer anything close to the cost effectiveness of this family of products! 

Technical Specifications

Physical Features

Weight: 10.5 lbs. 
Dimensions: 18”w x 11.5”h x 2”d
Freq. Resp: 100-20KHz 
THD: Typically<2% 
Diodes: 495 eighty degree@940nM 
Diode Life: >100,000hrs 
Expansion Input (one): Receives signal & power or signal only through three XLR ports
Expansion Output (one): Sends signal & power or signal only through three XLR ports
Power Source: Low Voltage DC supplied by “EX” series base or emitter, or three 24VAC transformers plugged into Expansion Input power jacks  


Carrier Frequency: 95kHz supplied by EX-B-3, EX-BEX-6, or EX series emitter 
Cables: Three conductor 18ga speaker wire with XLR plugs for each input and output. 
Coverage: Up to 12,000 sq. Ft

Five Year Limited Warranty 


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